All fabrics used in our Asime collections are responsibly sourced in Ghana.
Our garments are made to be worn for many years, in our small way we hope to minimise consumption of natural raw materials and the quantity of clothing consigned to landfill. We aim to be not fast fashion but slow fashion.

Minimal Waste

We are aiming to work towards zero waste. In doing so we work closely with our supplier to use our off cuts to produce Asime hats and scrunchies.

Animal Welfare

None of the products used to make Asime collections has been tested on animals.


Our aim is to minimise packaging and where possible only use recyclable or biodegradable materials. Orders are despatched in Go Green Eco Bags - All of our standard mailing bags are recyclable (already green!). Recyclable means that you can take them to your local recycle banks for them to be recycled correctly.


We have built a strong relationship with our supplier, Aunty’s Fashion Home. We visit them regularly, work through any problems constructively, and support their efforts to conform to our standards. We consider them with honesty and openness at the core of the relationship. It’s important we strive for continuous improvement, working together to ensure we are meeting both our commitments and creating a happy, healthy place to work. We will continue to work with Aunty’s Fashion Home providing them with a sustainable income.
Our standards are based on the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code, an internationally recognised set of labour standards (based on the International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions).  Read more about the ETI Base Code: https://ethicaltrade.org/eti-base-code.

Giving back to the community

Asime shares profits with Dream Big Foundation. Set up in 2010, Dream Big Ghana NGO’s mission has been to transform the lives of people in two very poor coastal communities in the Volta Region, Dzita and Dzita- Agbledomi, improving access to sanitation, health care and educationally.