Asime is a brand with community and enterprise at its core.

We believe in the supported growth of small female-led businesses in Ghana where our clothes are produced. Through donating a share of our profits to Dream Big Ghana NGO, we also hope to support their work transforming lives in the local community through sanitation, education and public health projects.

Our designs are created in Ghana as a collaborative process between Asime and Aunty’s fashion home in the Volta region community of Dzita. Each Asime piece is conceived, created and finished with pride and passion.

Transparency and traceability are principles that we believe go hand in hand.

First and foremost all fabrics used in our Asime collections are responsibly sourced in Ghana. Our supply chain can then be traced to where all of our production takes place, at Aunty’s Fashion Home in Agbledomi, Ghana. Aunty’s Fashion Home is a family run business consisting of Mother and Daughter, seamstresses and apprentices from the local community.

Founders Jen and Georgie, with Aunty and Rita 

Founders Jen and Georgie with Aunty and Rita


Working side by side with the team, we have supported Aunty and Rita with new machinery, making the processes in-house smoother and facilitating development of their craft. Partners, Dream Big Ghana, have also created educational opportunities such as entrepreneurial workshops and IT training for Aunty and other local businesses to attend. All of this feeds into our ethos of providing valuable skills to help small, local businesses blossom for years to come.


Our garments are produced with passion and integrity – pieces that are made to be worn for many years and not merely discarded when the next new trend rolls around.