Socially Responsible. Small Scale Production. Female Empowerment.

Who we are

We are a female-led fashion brand with community and enterprise at its core. Working in collaboration with Aunty’s Fashion Home in the Volta region community of Dzita-Agbledom, Ghana. We produce colourful, contemporary women and menswear made from responsibly sourced Ghanaian textiles. 

What we do

20% of our annual profits are donated to Dream Big Ghana NGO, a community led NGO that supports lives in the local community focusing on eco-sanitation, sports development, health and education.

The supply chain can then be traced to where all of the production takes place, at Aunty’s Fashion Home -a family run business consisting of Mother and Daughter, and seamstresses from the local community; Remember, Enastina and Joanna. Aunty’s business remains as her own, working as a co-operative with Asime, where she employs and manages her staff in agreement to a fair trade agreement drawn up with Asime. This ensures machinists and members of staff are paid a daily wage that exceeds 5 times the minimum wage set in Ghana and 4 times the living wage.

The Team

Georgie, Rita, Aunty and Jen at Aunty's Fashion Home
The Founders

 Founders Georgie Wordley and Jen Harkness formed Asime in 2018 to work alongside Aunty’s Fashion Home in Ghana. Whilst visiting friend and founder of the Dream Big Ghana NGO in early 2018, Georgie met Aunty and Rita at their fashion home situated in a small village courtyard, sheltered by a large mango tree. Inspired by the community spirit, beautiful fabrics and skilled craftsmanship, Georgie decided to team with her good friend Jen to start Asime. Both London based designers strived at the idea of a sustainable business, with frustration of the fashion industry and wanting change.

Founders Georgie and Jen 

Aunty's Fashion Home
Aunty Gladys Eddah is the woman who founded Aunty’s fashion home in Dzita - Gladys Eddah. Known as 'Aunty' by the community in which her fashion home resides, a common term of respect in Ghana, Aunty's relationship with co-founder Georgie was born two years ago in the local Dzita community. 

Aunty was born in Agbledomi in the Volta Region of Ghana in 1962. Her father was a fisherman from Srogboe and her mother a trader. In 1982 Aunty moved to Assin Fosu in the Central Region for her husband, here she learnt to sew under the mentorship of Cecelia Amoako. She returned with her newly owned skills to Agbledomi in 1984 and made the decision to start her own fashion home in the community. Ever since, her craft has become widely known and respected within Agbledomi making her a popular tailor for weddings, funerals and events.

Within her fashion home, Aunty now employs three local women and her daughter Rita to work alongside her. She also offers apprenticeships for young women to learn from her skills, helping them to become experienced seamstresses and to one day potentially start up their own fashion homes. Although the sound of sewing machines is constant and the team are always busy working away, Aunty's fashion home’s doors are always open to the community, where many come to meet with her as music plays on the radio and laughter carries across the courtyard. An instantly calming and naturally warm persona, Aunty’s beauty permeates every part of her, both inside and out, matched with a style that is as classy as it is colourful.
Aunty Gladys Eddah at her fashion home in Agbledomi