Fashion Illustration Workshop

Dream Big Community Learning Centre
Opened in 2017, with the support of international donors, Dream Big Ghana NGO Community Learning Centre is used to support children’s education through homework clubs, as well as providing cultural activities such as music and craft workshops and delivering courses to young adults (for example, IT literacy and entrepreneurship).
Dream Big Ghana Learning Centre
Having 7000 visits to date, the learning centre holds talks and workshops for all ages including Maths, English and Science classes, ICT skills, health and hygiene education, homework support, entrepreneurship skills, arts and craft, dancing, drumming and a whole host of other cultural activities. Asime held a workshop day at the end of last year with local children aged 4-11. The class began using pre-sketched photocopies of designs from Asime 01 collection, including dresses, shirts and jackets. The task was to cut and fill the design templates with ASIME prints, using small swatches of cotton and glue.
Fashion Illustration Workshop with the children
The result… some jaw-dropping asymmetric patch work designs, with intricate cut lines.
Gifty and her designs
After the creative juices were flowing nicely, and everyone was in the zone, we moved on to designing print fills of our own. 
      Bomber Jacket Designs
Finishing with more advanced children designing their own styles.. Designers in the making!

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