Seams & Sounds Vol 1 : Christina Kenneth

Nigerian model Christina Kenneth, now based in Accra, has compiled the first playlist of our 'Seams & Sounds' series titled: 'Marvel'. Featuring many artists currently driving the ‘alté’ scene of creatives that are emerging from Lagos; such as AYLØ, Santi, Tems, Tay Iwar and Odunsi. Meaning alternative - ‘Alte’ is a new generation subculture evolving from Nigeria, spanning R&B, Neo Soul, Afrobeat and Rap. These artists are pushing the boundaries of the Lagos creative and cultural scene, which expresses raw individuality and artistic experimentation.

Chris’ playlist also features Nigerian megastars Burna Boy and Wizkid, and American artists The Weeknd, Post Malone and Saint JHN.

Optical Frill DressChris in Optical Frill Dress

We asked Chris a few questions about her influences:

A: When did you move to Accra from Port Harcourt, and what inspired the move?

C: I moved to Accra from Nigeria in 2014, when I was 17, as I was not overly controlled by my parents. School inspired me, Ghana has standard education so I decided to move

A: How do you discover the music you listen to?

C: Social media, thats where I get most of my music (Instagram, Twitter, etc) I follow the artists, and the artists they follow, and the music that suits my mood at the time. If I am sad, happy or angry I just go to Apple Music and search for what suits my mood at that moment. I end up getting new and amazing music.

A: Many of the artists on your playlist are Lagosians of the Alté scene, is this a scene that you have found yourself listening to alot?

C: Yes, I believe myself to be an Alté child, lol, different vibe, different style, creativity. I believe there are so many of the youth with amazing talents, I feel we should appreciate them.

A: Do you think that your musical influences have changed since moving to Accra? This playlist still leans heavily to Nigeria...

C: Lol, Nigeria is full with loads of music, you meet new artists that wants you to listen to their music and it ends up relating to my life.. and I have come to believe that I started to be me, here in Ghana.






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