The Work of Dream Big Ghana NGO

Dream Big Ghana NGO are a community-led organisation whose work spans across many fields, and can quickly adapt to their community's needs. Operating in the coastal villages of Dzita-Agbledomi, in the Keta District of Ghana. The combined population of the communities stands at around 10,000 and income is derived primarily from fishing and farming activity. The mission of the NGO is improving access to safe sanitation, quality education and healthy communities.


Dream Big GhanaBoots - Director of Dream Big Ghana NGO (front left), with community members in front of EcoSan toilet.

Dream Big Ghana's home is shared with their not-for-profit guest house: Meet Me There, a beautiful Eco-Lodge popular among domestic visitors and international travellers alike. Sitting on the side of a stunning lagoon, guests can travel to Keta for tours or take a boat along the beautiful Volta waterways and learn more about the NGO's work. The site is also home to Meet Me There Weekender, promoting some of the finest Ghanaian acts as well as DJs from across the globe, the festival showcases everything from traditional percussive sounds to new school Afrobeats and highlife. Between Dream Big Ghana NGO and Meet Me There,19 full time staff are employed from the local community. The staff are a wonderful family of vibrant characters, who will keep you entertained, cared for and extremely well fed. We could, and will, just write a whole other piece on how this is the most incredible place. 

Meet Me ThereCoffee at Meet Me There African Home Lodge.

Dream Big Ghana NGO has developed strong links with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Nottingham, offering placements triaging patients, dispensing medication in the pharmacy, assisting with maternal and child health, adult medicine and surgery, dentistry, general outpatients, an eye clinic and an isolation ward for infectious diseases. More recent health care programmes also focus on menstrual hygiene. Many girls miss out on school while menstruating due to stigma, a lack of sanitary supplies and inadequate toilet facilities. The NGO has forged a new partnership with Days for Girls (DfG) Ghana, who are part of the global movement that makes sustainable, washable menstrual pads for girls, as part of a Kit which also includes underwear, washcloth and soap.

Nurse Rose with Dream Big Nurse Rose with community girls educating alongside Days for Girls Ghana.

Dream Big GhanaPupils standing by their new school toilet block.

In 2017 the Dream Big Community learning centre opened its doors to all ages of the community. Holding talks and workshops for all ages including homework support, Maths, English and Science classes, ICT skills, health and hygiene education, entrepreneurship skills, arts and craft, dancing, drumming and a host of other cultural activities.

Entrepreneurial StudiesRita receiving her entrepreneurial certificate at the community learning centre.

2019 was another high achieving year for Dream Big Ghana, one that saw the completion of their second school EcoSan toilet block, providing basic sanitation and hygiene to the 150 pupils attending Volta Senior High. The Sahara Park, a community sports park was developed and completed to enhance the experience of their sports academy programme and create a multifunctional space for all local residents to enjoy. Both projects highlight their focus on youth empowerment, and have enabled engagement with their local young residents in a different manner.

Sahara ParkChildren playing at the Sahara Park in Dzita.

The NGO also built over 110 compost toilets for families, schools and workplaces. EcoSan toilets are above ground units that recycle human waste and use natural processes to transform that waste into a safe, organic compost and fertilizer.

This year Dream Big Ghana have worked hard to prepare the communities for the potential spread of Covid-19. They very quickly turned Meet Me There, into a soap factory. In less than a month's work they were able to reach 1328 households with education awareness sessions, install 1328 tippy-taps and distribute 1992 litres of soap. Check out our blog here for further reading.

As Dream Big Ghana continues to grow, so does their connection with the community, and that relationship remains the underpinning factor in the success of their work. We are incredibly proud to work closely with Dream Big Ghana, we will continue to support their work and donate 20% of our profits directly into the NGO. Dream Big Ghana's annual report is available here.

 Dream Big Ghana Dzita girls football team.


Tash LCTash LC playing at Meet Me There Weekender March 2019.


Nurse Rose

Nurse Ahot - Mensah Rosina who works with adolescence to support and educate. Here showing how to wash hands with tippy-tappy to prepare community for risk of Covid-19.


Dougal Dream Big GhanaDream Big Ghana NGO Founder- Dougal Croudace

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