'Building Communities' with Pem People

PEM PEOPLE - People Empowering People, is a non-profit social enterprise empowering the local communities of South East London.  Founded by Nicholas Okwulu in 2010, PEM PEOPLE's aim is to facilitate and develop the growth of their local communities through structured and rewarding engagement.  Alongside their aim to increase and promote the achievements of disadvantaged communities within society, they support individuals and communities to identify their strengths, enhance their skills, and realise their true potential.

Since 2010 PEM PEOPLE has had 4 main projects :
- Bike workshops offering training and skills
- 91 Peckham High Street Pop Up Shop - affordable and accessible for the local community
- BMX Bike Club
- Art Projects and Exhibitions at Ten Point 5ive gallery in Peckham Levels


Livesey Exchange

The Livesey Exchange model at the Tate
Photo source: Alexander Christie


91 Peckham High Street has now unfortunately been re-acquired by Southwark Council.  However, the last time we spoke with Nicholas he showed us his latest, very promising project: The Livesey Exchange.  A grass roots transformation of 60 vacant garages on Old Kent Road into studio spaces and flexible working spaces for making, training, events and cultural programmes. The multifunctional spaces, including a training kitchen, will surround an internal courtyard linked to a sports pitch. 

The Livesey Exchange; (front centre) Nicholas Okwulu Photo source: Southwark News

The Livesey Exchange; (front centre) Nicholas Okwulu
Photo source: Southwark News

This week we have chosen to support PEM PEOPLE by donating 50% of our total weeks sales to the enterprise, to support their goal in offering a fairer future for all. If you wish to make a personal donation, please click here. Donations will continue to support local organisations and community individuals to navigate through these hard times.

This applies to all orders placed on any item from Wednesday 10th June to Tuesday 16th June. 

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